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New Rising Media was founded in 2011 by Jason England, and what started as a cure for boredom became something bigger than anyone had ever anticipated.

One drunken night in Nottingham Trent University student accommodation, he decided on a dissertation topic surrounding the meteoric rise of citizen journalism - looking to test whether there was any real successful sustainability to the idea of someone picking up a laptop and writing a blog.

We’ve seen plenty of bloggers in the past, but citizen journalism is different, requiring a strict self-maintained code of ethics and principles for the sake of credibility beyond being just a personality.

To test this, New Rising Media was born - covering simple stories about social media and technology. With the help of a few different contributors, the movement began.

The results were simple - citizen journalism is possible, but not sustainable. And no matter how much of a dirty word “blog” has been over the past few years, that is the only real way to maintain some form of individual personality and influence without becoming a journalist.

Once graduation happened (at the hands of Michael Parkinson no less), the question was an obvious one that many students face - what’s next? University is over.

That is until he took a look through the analytics of newrisingmedia.com, and saw there was still an audience munching on the delicacies of content.

While it was minuscule numbers in comparison to now, it was one that enjoyed the bite-sized moreishness of the 100 word articles.

So with that in mind, he set about growing New Rising Media into something more… And that mission continues five years later.

Balancing a full-time job and life with the website has been hard for Jason, but seeking out the latest and greatest in technology, science and geek culture has been his passionate hobby.