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Jason England: Editor-in-chief

Upon buying the URL for New Rising Media one drunken September night during my time at Nottingham Trent University, it started as a cure for the common dissertation. However, as this site began to gather an audience, I will always be thankful for a place where my offset socially awkward nature and knowledge for all things needlessly obscure are not only accepted, but appreciated.  

And even now, after receiving the collective hate of the front page of Reddit for insulting Beats by Dre headphones and going through a legal dispute with the writer of Power Rangers amongst many other 'character building' moments, I'm still here with the love of discovering the most fascinating assets of technology, science and video games, while indulging my inner-nerd to add to the innovation culture of the world we live in.

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Jamie O'Flinn: Writer

My name is Jamie O'Flinn. I am a 24-year-old writer living in the West Midlands. I received a degree in Professional Writing in 2012, and am pleased to report a total lifetime earnings of 50p so far. Earned when I was 8. Selling a story about yoghurt to my literacy teacher.

When not being NRM's star contributor, I'm either gaming, drawing, blogging or trying to shill my bad leprechaun novels to wary agents. There's also a webcomic I've been meaning to do. Maybe. One day.

I'm also delightfully autistic, which grants me special powers. Like tinnitus, and occasional sudden blindness.

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I'm Ivan Holmes, and I've just completed my GCSEs. I spend most of my time outside sixth form messing around with computers and electronics, which is probably the leading cause of my horrendous eyesight. I also have other pastimes such as playing the bass and maintaining Zimbabwe's No.1 Email Service Provider - Mugabe Mail.

I picked up most of my initial knowledge about computers on a secondhand machine running Windows ME by changing settings just to see what would happen, in hope of entertainment; I didn't actually have an internet connection at the time. 

These days I prefer UNIX and clones (a more impressive way of saying that I mostly use a Mac).


EJ Ward: Writer

EJ is a journalist who works in multimedia, broadcast, print and digital for a variety of news organisations. Based in London he can often be found rushing from pub to coffee shop, looking for WiFi or somewhere to charge his phone.

A love of technology started when he broke open his Sega Master System II, at an early age, in an attempt to remove Alex The Kid In Miracle World, which was built in. He claims this is nothing to do with not being able to get past the first level...

Passionate about finding it new things, and beer, he attends as many technology events as possible and is always a good source for finding out which table has the best freebies at a conference.

He still can't get past the first level on Alex The Kid...