Top social trends of 2010: What procrastination have we busied ourselves with?

As we bring back an anagram (hit me up) that's about as old and decrepit as "pc4pc."  As we watch/read/tweet/post to facebook about a male popstar who will always remain the pre-pubescent "dirty little secret" for women everywhere.  As we watch auto-tuned news interviews about a rapist.  As we change profile pictures to reminiscent cartoon characters to counter-attack child abuse.  As we used a picture of a rabid wolf as a convenient excuse to poke humour at the most beautifully inappropriate of subjects.  As we tweet about the gulf oil spill, just wishing we were Captain Hindsight.  As we spend the entirety of 2010 writing about 2011.

Don't you just realise we've been a boring bunch of bastards this year?


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