Google Slam: Tech videos made interesting

Now after you've relieved all arousal from that masterpiece of a keyboard solo, some of us have an inane habit of checking out some of what could be perceived as the most boring material on the internet: technology videos. To the people in the know, you'll feel my pain. A drone voice that checks off a list of specs and features to cover behind the camera, and the awkward silences as the user then gets the particular technology to do what they want it to do. It's a continuity nightmare, and it just gets awkward. This is where slam comes in, challenging users to create tech videos about any Google made innovation and making it interesting. Particular credit to recreating Mt. Rushmore for Google goggles, ordering a takeaway via Google translate, and stealing the google logo.Enter your ideas, or see more here. The perfect place for our ever-growingly quirky sense of humour.