Blur review

When Blur was released this summer it was largely overlooked (possibly because of the release of Split/Second and ModNation Racers in the same month). Blur really pushes the boundaries of the racing genre; it infuses the more realistic, gritty feel of games like Project Gotham with the chaotic, arcadey fun of games like Mario Kart. Race gorgeous looking licenced cars around memorable, stylised tracks and at the same time shoot your opponents with one of the many power-ups available. Blur was also the first console game to push so heavily with a social aspect, players can, and are encouraged to share their progress with friends, and also to connect with Twitter and Facebook. Set challenges to your friends who own the game and compete to beat others times, this would be great if it had an online presence, the game feels rather barren at this point.

Looks good, plays better. Pick it up and play with friends. 7