The King's speech review

When I first entered the cinema for this I was hit with a sudden sense of dread. “I am the youngest person here” I thought, the auditorium was full of middle aged couples and pensioners, is this film for me? Will I enjoy it? Thankfully the answer was yes, The King’s Speech which at first I thought was an overly-hyped period drama turned out to be a confident, robust and charmingly funny film (a certain scene involving excessive profanity made me  guffaw rather loudly).  Brilliant performances from all the cast, although I do feel that the praise Helena Bonham Carter is slightly exaggerated, I thought that she had been type cast and didn’t enjoy her character too much, however that’s probably just me.  Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are both marvellous.

Funny, gripping, royal. Completely deserving of the buzz it’s generating at the moment.  9