Poker Night at the Inventory- Review

When some of the gaming scenes big hitters (Valve, Telltale Games, Penny Arcade and Homestar Runner) announce that they’re collaborating on a new game you start to get a little excited, when you find out said game is a poker game, not so much. In spite of the dismal premise of a poker game (I mean come on, who actually appreciates poker games?) Poker Night at the Inventory truly doesn’t disappoint. I don’t have to explain it to you, it’s Poker with characters from games and webcomics. Max (Sam and Max), Strongbad (Homestar Runner), The Heavy (Team Fortress 2) and Tycho (Penny Arcade) are the characters you’ll be playing with and it’s for this reason the game certainly shines. Prodigious dialogue saves an otherwise lacklustre game.