Tumblr - Think for yourself

I know that this is going to sound hypocritical berating the denizens of Tumblr whilst on Tumblr but I digress. A large population of the “bloggers” on Tumblr have no originality, they never post any of their own content, whether it’s pictures or writing or whatever. I’m talking about the kind of people who just re-blog those artsy black and white pictures of forests, or lampshades, or that cool band you’ve never heard of.  Lest we forget what blogging actually is, it’s supposed to be personal, about you and your life and things you enjoy.  So get off your arse and write something, or take a picture or tell me about your day, because I don’t give a shit about all that pseudo-artistic bullshit you keep stealing. Oh, and thank you to the people who actually post their own stuff, you rock.