The Round-up: iPhone 5, Windows 8 and OnLive.

Using every Saturday to round up the week's top stories, and a tease a taste of what we'll be writing about next week.

The week has seen a few landmark announcements both internationally and locally to Notts and Lincoln.  Where better to start than Apple announcing their iPhone keynote for October 4th (it's about time it happened)!  However, if these few days are too long to wait, you can just take a look at the mock-up created off all the circulated rumours by, or maybe the exclusive we got from a Phones 4 U employee including confirmation of BOTH an iPhone 4S and 5 along with preorder date+price.  Looking forward, we're looking forward to seeing whether our source (meeting minutes and an employee) is correct, and we will be live-blogging.

Elsewhere in the world of tech, Onlive hit the UK and we took a look, Amazon announced new Kindle models (UPDATE: the Fire and Touch have not been announced for UK release, it'll be country-by-country).

Moving more locally, Lincoln have a couple of exciting events coming up soon.  A Windows 8 demo will be happening at the University, and Frequency Lincoln Digital Culture festival will be starting from 21st October with some memorable acts.  New Rising Media will be at both of these events (maybe with a camcorder...if we can afford it), so come see us!

So what does that leave for next week?  iPhone 5 keynote liveblogging on October 4th from 6pm, Windows 8 demo on October 5th, another instalment of This week at the Broadway, a review of F1 2011, a whole bunch of infographics and a few announcements for Nottingham's Gamecity, where we played the fantastic Tiny Invaders.

Get pumped.  We've got a big week ahead of us.