All Four Seasons at one time. A World First for Lincoln

The hugely successful Four Seasons project by Metro-Boulot-Dodo will be presented in Lincoln from tomorrow for the first Frequency digital culture Festival.  

From tomorrow through to 21st October, Spring and Summer will be on display at The Collection, while AUTUMN and WINTER will be at Lincoln Drill Hall.  A first for the whole world, this hugely ambitious four-part multi-media installation that looks to the seasons to reflect different stages of life will kick off the festival in true technological style.  What's more, this fantastic opportunity is free.

Four Seasons tells the story of the life of Polly from eight to 80 years old, depicting different emotional milestones and relating them to each season concordantly.  The innocence and fresh young-at-heart nature of Spring, the highs & lows of adventure and life changing decisions made in Summer, the beginning of the second half of her life in Autumn (with a fantastic score by The Broadway project), and the engaging remeniscence of Winter to cap the experience in an engaging manner.

“This has been created with audience participation in mind and really pushes the boundaries of conventional theatre which is what Lincoln Drill Hall is all about –bringing the very best and most interesting and challenging work to the city.”  Lincoln Drill Hall Director Simon Hollingworth commented.

New Rising Media will be there.  Check out Spring below.