Microsoft to make changes to Windows 8


People of University of Lincoln who watched the Windows 8 demo: your concerns have been answered, as Microsoft pledge to make changes to Windows 8.

A long blog post came out of Building Windows 8 today, acknowledging the huge amount of feedback from the developer preview released recently.  From this, they promise to make a multitude of changes: Apps on the Start screen can be organized into groups (not just A-Z), apps will be displayed at a higher density, there's even an 'X' button to close apps!  Beyond this, the question of simply deactivating this tablet centric start screen in favour of something more traditional (one of the key feedback points) is left unanswered.  But these are a mere few of a huge amount of changes announced by Microsoft in their blog here.  Beyond that, why not have a look at the video overview we recorded at University of Lincoln.