Batman: Arkham City review

Think Bioshock 2; but in Gotham city and you're part way there of defusing just what Rocksteady has done.  Fantastical gameplay of an absolute open nature of choice guides you through how great or little detail (depending on how much of the scenery you interact with to find out more of the story) there is to offer, while maintaining the element of choice.  Such a vast space and such a vast amount to admire.  A presentational masterpiece of near pitch-perfect voice acting and graphical awe greet you and instantly entice you into possibly one of the best (and longest) Batman stories to be told.  It is, simply, super-hero perfection from the crescendo-ic beginning to the epicentral conclusion.  

But we worry that this may simply never be topped.  We behold a skepticism to see the third. 10