This week at The Broadway...

Our pick of the best films this week that you may not have heard of; but really should watch.


Tyrannosaur: The directional debut of Paddy Constantine.  An intense watch that's confronting and very hard to watch at times, Tyrannosaur tells the story of Jopseh: an individual plagued by hidden demons and an appetite for violence.  He seeks redemption through his developing friendship with Hannah, a worker at the Christian charity-shop.  As Joseph is let into more aspects of her life, he realises that Hannah doesn't lead what you would call a "Christian" life.  A fantastic movie, which encapsulates that "under the skin" sensation for the viewer. 

Restless: One of the more weird films for you to watch this week, which is definitely an exploration of director, Gus Van Sant's, favourite themes of youth and death.  It depicts a dark, yet heartwarming love story between a funeral crashing individual with a ghost friend and a gamine who has a malignant brain tumor.  It's metaphorical meanings run deep, making for an interesting film.