DeLorean DMC-12 EV announced for production in 2013.

An electric powered DeLorean production model?  Damn straight.

Thanks to the anagramatical homage that is the DeLorean Motor Company of Texas (not to be confused with long defunct DMC), which is known for bringing restored versions of these beautiful machines into the modern age with modified original parts, you can expect to see an DMC-12 EV for a production release of 2013.

The automaker unleashed news of their partnership to with Epic EV to make this "all-electric" DMC-12 a reality into the blogosphere this weekend.  Specs seem pretty impressive, with a projected 260 HP and a top speed of 125 MPH (we all know that 88 MPH is all you need though to see some serious shit).  Expected to cost in excess of $100,000 (Flux capacitor not included, we already asked), this would go great with that pair of Marty McFly-approved Nike Air Mags you bought a few weeks ago!

Find a link to PDF brochure straight from DMC Texas here.