Hyson Green Flats project screening tomorrow

For many of you reading this in sunny Notts, Hyson Green is probably only known for either it's Asda on Radford Road or their crime rates (massively exaggerated in some cases).  However, it was a landmark in the past, home to Nottingham's legendary Hyson Green Flats.

The Partnership Council charity in Hyson Green has been running a local history project since the beginning of this year called On The Flats, to celebrate the wide-spanning history of the Hyson Green Flats.  Along with it they brought in the muscle of Donkey Stone Films to make a film that will encapsulate the life of the landmark multi-cultural destination in Nottingham's history.

Built in 1965 and demolished in 1988, the film will depict their integral power of community-building around the flats, plus it'll include archive film, TV clips and discussions with former residents.

As part of Black History Month Broadway Cinema in Nottingham will host a free screening tomorrow at 1pm (one hell of a busy week for Broadway! Here's what else they're showing and their halloween fest the week after), as the flats were home to a large pecentage of the Afro-Caribbean culture in Nottingham.  You will need to reserve a seat for the screening (don't worry, to watch the film is free).  Simply phone Helen Bates on 0115 970 8200 to book your place.