'Take this lollipop' and realise what people can find out about you on Facebook

The words 'Facebook' and 'Privacy' cancel each other out, regardless of the myriad of Privacy controls the social network shows to you.

The fundamentals of the service are based around sharing information about you, and no string of content controlling options can stop that data getting out.  If anything, they're adding a glaze to this bleak reality by adding the Timeline functionality.

But anyway, take a wander over to takethislollipop.com and you're in for a grim and brutal realisation.  The interactive website lets you look over the shoulder of a very creepy, cyberstalker as he peruses your Facebook profile.  Granted, the cinematography may have taken a lot of inspiration from Saw; but the sentiment still burns through you. 

At first it’s not that unusual.  Dozens of websites across the internet use your profile data to populate their online world.  But then the stalker looks your address on Google maps, jumps into a car and drives off, with fits of rage and a photo of you on the dashboard.  I got to admit, it's shit scary: really gets under your skin.

Thoroughly entertaining in a “you have to look even though you'll be sorry” kind of way. It’s not your conventional horror gore, but it doesn’t have to be because it’s a realistic scenario.  That has the power to be scarier than anything else this Halloween.