The Round-up: Google, Halloween, Frequency and Lollipops

So it's been yet another week of big news, best to dive right in, and what better place to start at then with Google and Samsung announcing the Galaxy Nexus in Hong Kong.

A 4.65" screen, 1.2 ghz dual core processor, 16 or 32gb internal storage and a UK release of November 17th.  We had an early heads up on some of the contract pricings from Phones 4 U.  Giving it to you short: be prepared to sell a kidney.

Mayhem is returning to the Nottingham Broadway in an orgy of gore and fantastic horror films.  We'll definitely be there for it all, we like a laugh at the most implausible of deaths.  Frequency Festival is holding its own Digital Expo, making for a fantastic opportunity in a city of old people and students.  And in probably the scariest thing you could watch this halloween, we encourage you to take this lollipop for some true cyberstalker horror.

In other news: Sean Parker slams FacebookMC Hammer is launching his own search engine (not kidding), brainier people have more friends on Facebook (on that note, Cosmopolitan says Facebook is better than sex), we now have a Youtube insult generator, Google+ adds pseudonimity and app support, Asus takes too much influence from Michael Bay in their Eee Pad Transformer 2 ad, and The Gadget show makes an interesting FPS simulator that shoots back.

Next week, simply put: Gamecity starts in Nottingham and Frequency starts in Lincoln.  New Rising Media will be there.