Lucky Charms Sifter keeps your breakfast awesome

I think it's unanimously agreeable to think that the single greatest cereal made is Lucky Charms (with Frosted Shreddies and Weetos in a close joint second).  But as is with all nutritional morning meals, the marshmallowey beauty is somewhat destroyed by actual cereal held within the confines of the box.  This is where we'd like to introduce Lombardi's Lucky Charms Sifter.

This humble-looking 3D printed cup has the hidden power to remove over 90% of all cereal bits in Lucky Charms, using precision-printed holes to allow all that hamster food to fall through, while retaining the Marshmallow chunks to make a bowl of pure sugary love.  Of course there's the slight difficulty of finding the cereal within this great country of ours; but we got your back: Sweets from Heaven in Victoria Centre does them.  Little pricey for the import but worth it's weight in gold.  

Specifications for the sifter have been posted on thingiverse, which we think is the travesty of an idea.  Put it into full production and you'll make absolute millions.  But as always, the greatest of inventions aren't profiteering machines, more objects of necessary human aid, and The Lucky Charms sifter is no exception to the rule.  If you're lucky enough to have a 3D printer, go get the schematics and make yourself a bowl of sex.