Editorial: Shut up Michael Pachter. Nobody cares and you're wrong anyway.

For those uninitiated, Michael Pachter is a high profile gaming research analyst who provides opinions and predictions as to how the video game market will metaphorically swell and fade.

I have nothing against the man himself, I think his Twitter argument with Jamie Kennedy was hilarious. There is, however, one issue.  Built upon the foundations of a business M.B.A and years of credibility gaining with Forbes, what you find is someone who has managed to make a worthwhile living through either stating the obvious or being wrong.  This is the man who claimed the 3DS was priced too cheap (we all know how that turned out), who thought players of The Old Republic will return to World of Warcraft, and claimed that the Wii 2 (Called Wii-U shortly after) was destined to failure, before it was announced.  

Today, he made claims that Modern Warfare 3 will double sales of Battlefield 3 respectively, as people will buy both.  This shows the span of both the incredulous claims that end up being wrong and the audacity to present an idea that was already common knowledge.  Simply put, no shit Sherlock.  It gets much more dire when you see audience participation.  A simple Twitter search reveals:

This is pointless!  You don't need a man who gets paid to think about how a game is going to do in this world.  It's very easily done for free.  Example: Call of Duty has the larger console audience, which means the aforementioned will outsell Battlefield and there's going to be some crossover, where the income necessitates buying both, as they naturally go hand-in-hand (it's why the fanboy camps are ridiculously annoying).  How much did I get for that nugget of a logical prediction?  83p of Google ad-clicks technically but that's not the point!

Sometimes he makes senses; but his elevation to the point of delving wisdom on an industry that he has been wrong about many times is just insane.  

Mud-slinging under the auspices of "journalism."  It's like I've died and gone to Fleet Street's version of heaven.