This week at The Broadway

Films that you'll never have heard of; but really should watch this week.  From John C. Reilly actually performing in a meaningful role to the plot of Sleeping Beauty transcribed to an '18' about a University student.

We Need to Talk About Kevin: Stirring up positive opinions at Toronto International Film Festival 2011, this is a strangely intimate look at a mother confronting very dark truths about her teenage son.  Rather difficult to accept at times, this is based on Lionel Shriver's Orange Price-winning novel of the same name, containing heartbreaking performances by Tilda Swinton and an awkwardly beaufitul Kevin C. Reilly.

Sleeping Beauty: Looking for part time work to fund her lifestyle, University student Lucy takes many a risk, and ends up taking a job as a Sleeping Beauty at a private and discreet 'Sleeping Beauty chamber' inside a country mansion.  In this time of extreme sedation, Lucy is sought upon by Elderly men looking to pay for a "good time."  She gets anxious as to what happens in these times of deep sleep, as one of the clients arrives with an unexpected plan for his session...