Grand Theft Auto V. It's Official.

Rockstar Games have splash-screened their website, officially confirming Grand Theft Auto V, with a trailer to come on November 2nd.

Two rumours have been rife surrounding GTA V: 

The final "wild but makes sense" rumour comes in the form of the logo, in particular the "V" looking a fair bit like a US bank note.  In the Mother of all subtle design connotations embarking huge speculation, this backs up the rumours (found by CVG) that the next game will be set within themes of global recession, showing GTA taking another step towards the real world, and away from the lightheartedness that gamers seem to be rebelling about the loss of.

With a suspected codename like Rush...maybe San Francisco (or San Fierro)?  Although, to be honest, we'd really want to go back to Vice City.