IRIS 9000 makes the iPhone 4S awesome

So you liked what you heard from our iPhone 4S review; but are still looking for more of a reason to buy.  More of an enticement beyond asking Siri for the best places to hide dead bodies, so how about the IRIS 9000.

Not to be confused with HAL...even though it looks eerily similar, this is the perfect companion to your smartphone.  It's an homage of a dock for your iPhone 4S, with a remote to activate the Siri functionality.  A built-in speaker and microphone ensures that you can speak to it from across the room, and see the iconic red eye pulsating along as the near-creepy robotic voice responds.

It's pointless but you can't help but love that there's actually something creative amongst the myriad of boring iPhone accessories.  Owning one will set you back about £40, and availability will be coming 'soon' from Thinkgeek.  Register your interest here.  See a video below: