See how the iPhone camera has improved over the years

So the iPhone started as a phone that didn't really break a sweat over making an effort on the afterthought they called a camera.  Fast forward to the 4 and we have something that takes stunning photographs, and actually has a flash!  But how much has the camera improved since the first inception?  This is a question that Lisa Bettany has answered.

She took a photo of the same location with all 5 models of iPhone, and PetaPixel put them side-by-side to form what can only be described as the smartphone camera version of the human evolution timeline.  It's pretty clear to see nothing changed between original and 3G, we praised hallelujah as the 3GS represented the first big step in camera quality.  The iPhone 4 established itself as the best smartphone camera at release, and it shows.  Then finally, the ridiculously detailed, colour-balanced and crisp iPhone 4S, making that point-and-snap oh such a pointless entity on your day-to-day movings through life.  They even prove this by putting a Canon s95 and EOS 5D Mark II along side to compare.  Check out the HD video comparison as well.

See all the comparisons here.