looking to reawaken British community spirit

In a time when David Cameron tries to push his vision of the "Big society" to no avail, it's good to see social good come to the rescue as is introduced.

Simply put, it's the local nature of Foursquare with the interconnectivity of Facebook, and the active transactional engagement of craigslist.  The team behind the site say their mission is to let users "create an online profile and connect with people, groups and businesses in their area, to share practical information, advice, opinions, skills and resources".  

There may be the issue of privacy, obviously not as bad as the scares of Facebook; but as you're exposed to other people around your location without friending them; but this is kept under the haze of local community engagement, which doesn't turn out to be so hazing after all.  Being seen by people local to you rather than from across the globe gives a sense of trustworthiness and the urge for local conversation.  Two key things that have become abundant from the idea of the aforementioned 'big society' in the face of social awkwardness and communicatory uncomfortability.

We say kudos.

Check out video below.

Streetlife Epipheo from Epipheo Studios on Vimeo.