Windows XP still the most used desktop OS in the world after a decade

The title says it all really.  The one operating system that we love to hate and hate to love: Windows XP, is a decade old this week, and still has a worldwide user base of around 52%, making it the planet's most used desktop operating system.  And it makes sense: it's still the best there is.  Think about it.

No security boxes before you do anything at any point like Windows 7.  Access to all the options rather than simple past the point of limiting what you can actually do like like Mac OS X.  XP might have taken a long time to establish (as it was released around the time of 9/ awkward time to launch a computer OS); but it maintains it's rightful place at the top.  It's timeless in what it does as everything that you could possibly want and need still works with it, and there isn't the urge for design ethics that shine like Windows 8.  Simply put, it just works, and that's all we want, none of this extra tosh.  That is of course until it crashes of course...


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