Grainger Games crash the party they sponsored

So last night was the Game Media Awards 2011, the conglomeration of video games journalists to celebrate the job that they do.  That was until game shop chain (shops mostly in the North of England) Grainger Games got involved.

Sticking scantily clad ladies and dwarfs out in the cold next to a horrific looking Hummer brandishing the Grainger Games logo was only the start.  The audience was then welcomed with condoms at the tables, which just filled the whole room with an uncomfortable awkwardness and confusion.  In the faithful words of JamSponge's account of the situation: "Should we all be scrambling across the tables for a chance to stick it in one of the barely-legal promo girls, or bumming each other to bits with the aid of condiments hidden beneath this pointless spatter of contraceptives?"  

Continue this with random chanting for no apparent reason, except for shouting "Bus Wanker" at Inbetweeners own Greg Davies (getting really old now), running on stage and crotch thrusting the audience, and booing games journalist legend Colin Campbell off the stage and you have exactly what you shouldn't do as a sponsor of the Game Media Awards.

So far, there's been a full apology from Intent Media (the guys who ran GMA), and a three line 'crafty dodge' of the issue by Grainger (accompanied by an image of the vehicle of douchery that was the Orange Hummer).  

UPDATE. Turns out they were caught doing coke in the toilets and intimidating other journos.  They may have some good deals in their shops; but hopefully you can see why every single gaming tabloid has gone to metaphorical town on them.