Watch the Grand Theft Auto V trailer right here


After the massive announcement by Rockstar on Tuesday, it's fair to say that rumours have been rife as to what will occur in the trailer next week.  This has caused so much of a stir that the stars of Rock have even decided to create a countdown; but this is no ordinary countdown, as you can see below.

With our dear fingers crossed that the internet will not fall to pieces (we're keeping our hopes high that nobody will type 'Google' into Google), the very second that the countdown reaches zero, the trailer will begin to play right here, on this very page.  

Our advice: bookmark this page and keep having a gander to see just how much closer we're getting on out enchanting journey to the 2nd November.  Pretty pumped for the trailer, not going to lie.

Well that was the trailer, read our analysis of every second of it here.