Got Battlefield 3? Got a 4GB Xbox 360 slim? Prepare for old-school textures...maybe

Our review of Battlefield 3 will be going up tonight; but we've found something of particular interest that (if it's not just an isolated incident to us, and we hope for you guys it is) seems to be a real slap in the face to those who got the 4GB version of the new Xbox 360.

For the game's stunning textural designs throughout, a HD content pack is required for install, which is fair enough as the disk drive alone may not be fast enough to crunch all the visual data and gameplay at a suitably steady framerate.  So you agree to the install, select your 4GB internal memory and are presented with the message above, meaning that you're limited to the mere PS1-esque textures.

We hope this is just our Xbox, for the sake of all of you guys; but why might have this come about?  It can't be the memory size as it says only 1.5GB is required.  Our theory: The memory is a flash chip instead of a Hard Drive, so the storage isn't recognised as an actual HDD by either the game, or the hardware hasn't been properly encoded to appear as the internal memory.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that this is just our 360, as the visuals are something you all really need to see.  Otherwise you're stuck with what's in the video below, compared side-by-side with the HD texture pack.

UPDATE. Turns out it's happened to Gamesradar as well.  Bad times!