Thor movie review

Acting as the penultimate 'The Avengers' figure to make it to the big screen – Chris Evans' Captain America is the final piece in Joss Whedon's macho-muscle-puzzle – Thor is lavish, visually spectacular and, with the aide of Brit Thespian Kenneth Branagh at the helm, an almost Shakespearian tragedy disguised through Marvel's ubiquitous big budget influence. Like The Bard's finest; Thor is rooted in kingship politics and familial tensions, with the banished Asgardian the flawed, yet wise and all-powerful protagonist. If the film's pace wanders once Thor comes crashing down to earth, it's more than compensated for with some truly remarkable visuals – from the breathtaking interpretation of the colossal Asgard, the crumbling frozen wasteland of Jotunheim or in the illuminous swathes of colour irradiating from the cosmos – and some showy set pieces. Joss, it's over to you. 8