Steve Jobs Biography review

We've written our tribute, watched 60 minutes with his biographer, and finally we've got to the end of the biography...and it's a piercing look through the reality distortion field to say the least.

On the face of it, it seems to be a mere highly stylised story of one's journey through life of being the outcast; but it turns out to be Walter Isaacson's alternative insights into the life of Steve Jobs that offer items of information that provide a true epochal piece of his own history, and a statement on the goings on behind what is seen to be a popular cultural movement.  One half of it is a solid look from the outisde-in (swear Steve trolled about a new Apple TV product in his own biography from the dead).  The other is a somewhat eloquently worded, disconcerting paradigm shift into his dictatoral profiteering presence in business, contradicted by his anti-establishmentism and lack of corporate greed.  Simply put, no opinions will be changed as to whether you love him or hate him, and that's what makes this book a fantastic read. 9