This week at the Broadway...

Showing you some of the best films this week that you probably have never heard of.  George Clooney and Black Power.  Let's begin.

The Ides of March: Because who can say no to George Clooney?  He returns to a director's position for a tense political drama set in the run up to a presidential primary.  Clooney also stars as the Democratic candidate: teaching his optimistic campaign press secratary about the off-kilter misconstruements of modern American politics.  Patriotic, in a way that it's not patriotic at all.  

Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975: Swedish filmmaker Göran Olsson’s fascinating documentary sets up an interesting juxtaposition in Sweden's cultural coverage between the Black Power movement in USA and the African American voices in cultural and political spheres.  What emerges, after a fantastic soundtrack created by Questlove (DJ and drummer of the hip-hop group the Roots) and Om’Mas Keith, is an interesting and really original insight into 60s and 70s Black America, through the eyes of Swedish Journalists.  A fantastic insight.