Clarkson on vocals for Forza 4 ad

“We are an endangered species you and I,” so begins the BBC's Jeremy Clarkson. “Go away, we are told,and take your carbon fibre and your fire-spitting V12's with you.” Now infamous for his Mexican-drubbingrants, arrogant opposition to the 'green movement' and his knowledge of lorry drivers' true purpose, theTop Gear presenter has had his fair share of critics. But no-one could ever criticise the Doncaster-bornClarkson for not being anything but infectiously enthusiastic about his passion in life: cars. And it's for that very reason that he lends vocal duties to Microsoft's latest Forza 4 trailer; a gorgeously shot, self-indulgent, almost romanticised vision of supercars in a monochrome society led through “restraint” and where “practicality trumps adrenaline.” “And yet there is hope. There is a safe haven” he continues. “It's a communal celebration of torque, horsepower, technology, beauty...the last bastion of automotive lust...and it's right there, in your living room.”

Forza Motorsport 4 is partnered with Top Gear and will be released for the Xbox 360 on October

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