Anybeat review

Pseudonimity and enclosure: two reasons why Anybeat exists.  Both minimalist and powerful ethics, that are somewhat non-existent within the realm of social networking; but have been apparent since Hotmail.  The layout is very much old-Facebook, simplified and how many people prefer their communication.  Active partakings to expand and engage your social circles is done through the usual forms coined by the aforementioned network, and also the Public Square: a more forum-centric version of Google+ Sparks.  Interaction between users is 'very open,' disallowing selectiveness in the face of anonymous chit-chat sparking serendipity.  Add alongside this the fact that Anybeat doesn't follow you in your internet partakings and you have yourself a niche; but all round great counterpoint to Facebook, which could compliment your suite of social networking choices nicely.  8