The Round-up: Steve Jobs, iPhone 4S and Windows 8

Well to make this brief it has been a massive week for the tech (primarily the Apple-centric) world, both for the better and the mournful.  By the latter I mean the news that you have all probably heard many times over by now: Steve Jobs' unfortunate passing.  He has been an inspiration to me (as you can read in our editorial), and we offer our deepest condolences to his family, friends + the Apple fan universe.  

This has, somewhat, superseded the iPhone 4S announcement from their campus.  This being the '3GS' of the iPhone 4 didn't really meet audience approval.  However, we know everybody's going to buy one in the end because they don't actually hate the phone, rather the presentation.  Regardless, pre-orders are available now (first batch already gone), along with a release date of 14th October, and full pricing has been announced in the UK for all networks.  We managed to wade through the minefield that is contract pricings, so we've set up a guide to help out.

Microsoft Student Partnership gave a Windows 8 preview at Lincoln University.  We gave our thoughts and grabbed some footage of this tablet centric OS.  Turn 10 created possibly the best video game commercial put to film.  And finally, we gave our thoughts on Anybeat: a social network which prides itself on pseudonimity.

If this week wasn't enough a whole load of infographics await you, alongside a new feature where we look into a random company's social media strategy, more Gamecity and Frequency announcements.  ...Oh yea, and we unpack the iPhone 4S and review it.