Pete Townshend complains about music downloading


He didn't have a problem with child pornography; but with the amount he's paid for downloads?  Thats where The Who's own Pete Townshend draws the line in the metaphorical sand.

Speaking at a music industry event last night, Townshend started to make a statement about Apple for their percentage share of income to artist, labelling the boys in Cupertino as a “digital vampire” and said if they do ”even one of the things on my wish-list [my inner artist] will offer to cut off his own balls.”

While he thinks iTunes is a “fantastic piece of software,” it's pretty blatant that his problems lie with how Apple take a percentage of the cost of a song for themselves, and don't support him or other musicians as much as he feels they should.  As we referred to when Bon Jovi made the same claims, the traditional music industry was already dead a long time ago, the likes of iTunes and Spotify are picking up the pieces.  He also made comments about illegal downloaders, John Peel and the Beeb, which you can read here in the Guardian...only if you have the guts to take the words of a complete moron on board.

Go have a cuppa, and come back when you have something productive to say.