The British voice of Siri didn't actually know he was The British voice of Siri

So you've called your phone every name under the sun, hidden all the dead bodies you had and requested an opening of the pod bay doors.  Ever thought that voice sounded familiar?  Maybe off your TomTom, or The Weakest Link if you were so televisually adventurous?

You may have heard the name; but allow us to lift the veil and introduce you to the slightly posh voiced Jon Briggs, experienced UK voiceover artist, who some six years ago recorded 5,000 sentences for Scansoft, a company which (conveniently) merged with Nuance Communications.  In turn, Nuance was ingested by Apple, Siri was born, and Jon must have been filled with absolute bewilderment when he heard his voice on an iPhone TV ad recently.  

Apple has communicated with Briggs, asking him to not talk about his unexpected Siri-related exploits, further adding that "we're not about one person."  

Personally, we would've preferred Stephen Fry or Hugh Laurie; but Briggs'll do.

Source: Telegraph, Jon Briggs

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