Ever seen a 230-ton Airbus A330 stop in midair for a few seconds?

Thought you didnt; but here's the pretty awesome video proof.  It was at the right amount of angle at low speed, accompanied by just the right amount of headwind.  This makes for the plane to look almost alien in it's slow-motion traversal past the onlooking crowds.  

The phenomenon has a simple explanation: the Airbus is making a very slow low pass, taking advantage of the very strong head wind combined with the minimun air speed and a high angle of attack to achieve lift for its flaps configuration (which is hard to see from the ground). What results from this is an extremely low groud speed, which occurs from the A330's air speed minus the speed of the head wind.  All of these factors, combined with the weight of the aircraft gives for a near-frozen effect to the plane as it passes by at such a low speed.  Fascinating.