OLogic AMP brings a new meaning to 'Robot butler.' [VIDEO]

OLogic introduced two robots designed for interface with your smartphone at this year's RoboBusiness Conference.  

We have the classic "Furby"-esque format, Oddwerx, using your smartphone as a digital pet face for itself.  However, the one we're focussing on is the AMP: the Automated Music personality. It will follow you and stream your music through it's speakers, making for an impressive start, which is made all the more awesome with the inplementation of a cup holder.  

Dreams of Jabba's barge start to emerge while thinking of the capabilities of this.  We'd not necessarily agree with the self-balancing mechanism, making it susceptible to wobbling your drink; but for the $300-$400 (up to about £300), next year could become more technologically impressive, as the human race begins to accept a self-aware, drink carrying version of the Juke boxes from the streets of L.A.  Watch the video below.