Rant: UMD Passport? I don't want to pay for my games again!

The somewhat thorny issue of backwards compatability on the PS Vita has been solved.  Users now have the opportunity to download their old games via a UMD passport, offering the titles you already have at discounted prices off the Playstation Store.

This is set to be available to audiences from December 6th onwards in the form of an app in the store.  There is, however, one slight issue with this.  And it's a simple one that Sony should have anticipated from a measurably long distance away.  If we already have purchased the games on UMD, why is a discounted price going to entice us?  

You may have already experienced this annoyance if you have made the switch from iOS to Android, or vice versa.  Buying a game on one system, then feeling the annoyance as you have to buy it again.

Granted, some may prefer an imperfect option rather than no option at all; but this sort of cash-grabbingery is not needed.  Especially not when it's at the disadvantage of the consumer.