Embrace the DARPA Robo-Ostrich [VIDEO]

Because robotic dogs, cheetahs and humans just aren't enough.  Military agency DARPA are teaming up with MIT to develop FastRunner: a robotic ostrich with the capability of running at up to about 20mph.

"FastRunner will be a fast, efficient, and dynamic bipedal platform capable of traversing moderately rough terrain as fast as the best human sprinters."  Strong claims from the website.  So why did DARPA turn to such a...well...funny animal like the ostrich?  It makes an alarming amount of sense, as they have efficient muscle design and the ability to traverse rough terrain at speed.  

Standing nearly five-feet-tall and weighing 66 pounds, FastRunner will to be able to cover ground at an approximate speed of 18.6 MPH while only using a single actuator in each leg.  Hit up the videos below!

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