Motorola Droid RAZR variants appear in Chinese market...with a 13mp camera!?

So as the Droid RAZR meets lukewarm consumer reception over fascination of the thinness and rigidity of design, carrier variants have appeared in Chinese markets today, making the technologies held within UK and US models already outdated.

Of course, these upgrades come at the sacrifice of the 7.1mm depth of the phone; but please.  Extra points of a millimetre for a 13mp camera and a full 720p 4.5" screen?  We may rally against phones with progressively larger screens (and the rather uncomfortable corners on the RAZR), and we understand ; but the MT917 brings these improvements, while adding bulk to a phone which measures 8.1mm post tech transfusion, which makes this completely unfair to the consumer market...well completely unfair to us as we really like having the best phone.  

Also shown was the model codenamed XT928: same specs as the original Droid RAZR, only with the 13mp camera boost; but with the lack of the kevlar back (which doesn't actualy stop a bullet, please stop asking us).  Engadget flirts with the possibility of seeing this version in the US, as it was spotted near Motorola's headquarters within America.  

No release dates or prices are known for either device, but there's a strong possibility that they will become official before the year is out.  Simply put, if you could've made this phone the entire time, make it.  There's keeping ahead of the technological curve, and then there's abandoning your customers who want to keep on this technological curve out at sea.  

A phone carrier and plan should not have to be selected based off what variant of a phone you want.  The phone should be a neutralized standard with which remains the same, for the benefit of the consumer.  I understand it's common business practice in the mobile industry; but that doesn't stop it being a rather annoying aspect, or the possibility of more fairer options being presented.

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