Editorial: Call of Duty is not respecting it's duty, calling the shots in the video game industry

I put it to you, that since the later stages of Modern Warfare onwards, Call of Duty has defecated all over the games industry, and encouraged one its biggest threats, perhaps ever.

Why? People invest more disposable income than ever into it. They’ll buy the game at £39.99+, they’ll then invest £40+ on their quarterly released map packs & accessories, just in time for November when the new iteration is released (a sure way for devs to prevent expenditure on other games). This situation has now worsened with Call of Duty: Elite, which sees map packs released monthly! Never has any one game series seen so much income invested into that series alone. We understand the creative expansion of content, paying an amount that is deemed reasonable for the consumer to continue investment with a title you like; but at least either hold fire until you have a more worthwhile proposal for our continued investment, or stop limiting what you give to gamers in the original package and give us what was probably already made many many months in advance. There’s no wonder we see no decent new IP’s on the shelves.

Keep buying kids! It’s double EXP weekend soon. Not a healthy state of affairs at all.

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