Grand Theft Minecart: GTA V Trailer Comes To Minecraft

Minecraft has and always will be more about creativity than surviving crazed Creepers, deranged Skeletons and deadly cave-dwelling Spiders. With a user-base well in excess of four million, we’ve seen players invest countless hours in re-creating classic 8-bit games using stop-motion, building gargantuan models – the USS Enterprise is a particular favourite – and devising chip-tune remakes of popular music.

The creativity is unlikely to be stifled any time soon – with each incremental version of the game enabling Minecraft architects to realise ever more elaborate builds and ingenious contraptions.

Like our intrepid Minecraft explorer in search of precious diamonds, our search across the vast realms of the World Wide Web bear its fruit today upon finding this little nugget. Created by YouTube user ‘Vareide’, it’s a faithful remake of the GTA V announcement trailer within the blocky world of Minecraft, replete with sleazy bed track and the same narrative motifs of the original. Excellent. 

UPDATE. Creator ‘Notch’ confirmed earlier this week that Minecraft will indeed see its full release this week on November 18th, nearly a full year since it began its beta run.

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