Editorial: 'Trusted Friends.' The ultimate Facebook rape.

Scenario: it's 3am, you're drunk and home, trying to login to Facebook.  After failing too many times you're logged out and your friends each get security codes that they can all collect together to access your Facebook...Maybe I'm just hanging around with the wrong friends; but that sort of scenario would be just too irresistable.

This is in relation to Facebook announcing the new security implementation, allowing you to entrust three-to-five friends with the ability to receive security codes to then pass onto you whenever you're locked out of the social network.  Simply call you friends, enter all three codes and you're in.  

Expecting your set of chosen friends to give you their security codes is just insanity.  We're not talking about privacy issues here, unless you have some private photo albums saved (if so, weird), we're referring to the classic Frape culture that has emerged, and how this would be a simply perfect moment to not let up.

Hide what friends have codes I hear you say?  However, chances are your friends know each other (either in person or random adds, it happens), so the collective can take arms against your online decency easier than ever.

I understand the sentimentality behind it, having friends to bail you out of situations when you've forgotten your password and whatnot.  But, to be honest, can't really see myself using this function.  Don't know about your friends; but give my mates a computer conveniently logged into my Facebook account and you'll see me liking Dale Winton and posting statuses about ferverent masturbation within the following thirty seconds.

If you're suicidal, here's a video how-to: