Supercut relaunches as the video remix picks up viral steam

Not aware of a Supercut?  There's a very good chance you've already seen one before.  A term coined by tech writer Andy Baio, it is a video that takes every instance of a phrase or action and puts them back-to-back to create a montage of mass repetition. started in 2008, as Baio began to keep tabs on this popularity gaining meme, and now his new site launched today with digital artist Michael Bell-Smith at the helm with him, in an attempt to contain every Supercut in existence within one digitally repeating garden.

They did originally start off as abit of a laugh; but as the idea has grown, people far more snootier than us have bore down to find cultural commentaries and subconcious meanings behind these initally critique-less looking videos.  For example, The unreliability of mobile phones in horror movies shows us the true unoriginality of the film industry...that we already realised a long time ago but couldn't quite put our finger on.  Or maybe you'll just stick with with all the times Robin says the word "holy" in the old Batman cartoons or every mention of the word Bazinga from Sheldon.  Slightly pretentious reasoning or not, these videos are awesome and rather addictive.