Tweephone mixes old-school with the new

Microblogging with a twist, 140-character debonairs can now enjoy the thrill of an "analogue" telephone, via the Tweephone, for your Tweeting pleasures: using a rotary dial phone to transmit your short diatribes.

Conceived of by Nastasia Pustova of the Up Digital Bureau, the Arduino-based prototype was built by Unteleported's Dmitry Krasnoukhov using an old phone donated by a friend's grandmother.  A novel steampunk-esque hack, Tweephone is definitely not the easiest for usage.  Think of the non-predictive text on a standard phone keypad; but with a rotary dial instead.  A small LCD screen shows what characters you've entered thus far, and all it takes is hanging up the phone to send it off.  The idea is just a hack at the moment: connected via USB and extensive programming; but if you're curious, Krasnoukhov has put the project code on GitHub.  Check out the video below.

This could be a novel way of telling the world of your Twitter stories.


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