First Gen iPod Nano switched for the same model

Remember when Apple started the iPod Nano (first generation) replacement program in fears of overheating batteries?  Turns out questions around what model they'll be replacing it with for customers have finally been answered...they're being replaced with the same model.

It was claimed to take 6 weeks for replacement; but some people are getting their iPods back already (including us).  As people were expecting (well more optimistic I guess, because what actually happened is really just common sense) to receive the newest touchscreen version.  Instead Apple are sending out what seems to be refurbished first generation models, which is probably what many of us expected but didn't actually want, as a Macrumor reader comments:

“I wanted to pass along some info about the iPod Nano exchange program Apple started over the weekend. I just received the replacement and it is an exact replacement. No upgrade. Same capacity and everything. The only upside is that it is “new” (probably refurbished), so it’s clean in comparison to my old one.”