GameMaker Challenge at University of Lincoln

First year Games computing students at the University of Lincoln are taking part in a set of GameMaker Challenges: pitching them to make original games based around a key concept.  Towards the end of last month, the theme given for the first challenge was 'one button games,' and a handful were selected as the cream out of a very impressive crop of titles created.

With inspirations of Super Action RPG and Canabalt apparent through the gaming output, what has been presented is an astonishing set of rather addictive games that maximise what you can get out of a 'one button' concept.  Whats more, they made them available to download for free, making for a hot bed of local development talent open to everyone.  Here is what's available:

Dungeons of Nariek – Kieran Hicks
Play as a brave unnamed knight as he delves into the treacherous Dungeons of Nariek. The evil Nariek has put a deadly curse on the knight and he can only perform actions in certain directions. Jump & Fight your way to victory!
Controls: Spacebar – Jump & Fight.
Fly, Square, Fly – James Brown
Circle was Square’s only love until she was kidnapped by the evil, moncole wearing, Dr Triangle who took her to his underground mountain base. You must rescue her!
Controls: Spacebar – fly up.
Lunar Descent – J McDonagh
Can you master gravity?Bring the lunar 1 module to a safe landing on the moon by controlling your fuel and avoiding all the asteroids. Lunar descent consists of 10 levels of addictive one-button game play.
Controls: Space bar – thrust.
Starcatcher – M Northover
In Starcatcher, players have to catch stars and avoid meteors as they jump between two buildings. Get as many stars as possible and to challenge your friends to see if they can do better!
Controls: Spacebar – jump.
Goldrush – T Pendle
Avoid fire, Collect as many gold coins, diamonds and rubies as possible.
Controls: SpaceBar – move!

Check out the video below for an insight into what happens during the challenge sessions.  The next challenge is set to begin within the next couple of weeks, and we can't be more excited for the next output of conceptualised games!

Source: University of Lincoln Games Research Group