This week at The Broadway...

So you've finally stopped laughing since the all-night bad movie experience?  We've got a 1920s boarding school with the classic 'haunted house' formula, and Johnny Depp returning once again into the persona of a Gonzo journalist, both of which you should really watch this week at the Broadway.

The Awakening:  We're taken back to Longon in 1921, a time when the ideas of spirits, seances and the supernatural were huge for consoling after the war.  Writer and Academic Florence Cathcart maintains her belief and confidence in science and logical truth, which is shaken by the school headmaster Robert Mallor's information of a set of incidents at a boy's boarding school after the death of a child.  Florence explores the school, further confirming the classic 'haunted house' codes and conventions that flow throughout this movie with great execution.  Kudos to Nick Murphy on his directional debut.


The Rum Diary: The Gonzo Johnny Depp returns, we've felt it's been too long!  Hunter S. Thompson's debut novel has been adapted, telling the story of Paul Kemp: a young New Yorker's early days starting as a newspaperman in Puerto Rico in the late 1950s.  He gets a job pretty soon after he arrives in San Juan at an English-language paper, and he is introduced to an assortment of alcoholics, has-beens and intelligent mentalists.  A colourful picture of poetic rage against the powers that be: the 'bastards' as they are so Gonzo-esquely called.