Guy accuses Myspace Tom of being the Father to his Girlfriend's baby

An Alleged father on the Maury show (American daytime talk show of delight) has accused Myspace Tom Anderson of being the real father to his girlfriend's baby, because Tom was her very first friend on Myspace.  We guess he had her at "pc4pc."

Feeling as if we've fallen into a wormhole back to 2005, and ignoring the fact that Tom was automatically added as your friend upon registration of your account, it turns out Joe thinks Tom is his girlfriend's "friend with benefits." The baby's light complexion, blue eyes and the fact that the aforementioned debonair of Myspace was her very first friend, this paints an obvious picture of a desparate grab for ratings mental person deep scandalous love triangle involving the founder of a social network where people keep a profile on just to be ironic, who just couldn't keep it in his pants.

Check out the video below.  Maury's face is pure gold.  We can only sit and wonder just how many other relationships Tom has destroyed in his blatant social networking conquest for children?